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Holographic Kinetics  helps permanently release emotional traumas, imbalances or addictions.

This fast and unique holistic healing technique takes you on an inner conscious journey – straight back to the original cause of your issue so you can heal it on all levels.

Using Holographic Kinetics Therapy  allows you to take your own non-invasive journey and understand that clearing and changing events in the past changes the future. It gives you a freedom to choose a much happier life and eliminate unwanted patterns and behaviours.

Get back your power while you heal and change your life!

Holographic Kinetics is one of the most advanced and unique modality available today.

It assists you to go back in time and access the moment you first held onto the thoughts and emotions that set into motion the unwanted experiences you are having today.

Th deepest part of you knows how, where, when and why any issue was created and it will work with you to resolve your problems.

Once you become aware of the cause of your issue, the law of cause and effect is enacted and the cycle will loop up upon itself and the issue will come back into balance.

  • Relationship issues / Communication breakdowns

  • Limiting beliefs / Abundance issues

  • Stuck in Repeating Patterns

  • Low self-esteem / Body image issues

  • Eating Disorders / Menopausal issues

  • Emotional issues or disorders

  • Compulsive disorders

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Fear / Shame / Guilt

  • Stress / Anxiety / Depression

  • Chronic problems / Physical pain

  • Anger or Violence issues / Anguish / Trauma

  • Compulsive disorders / Mental health problems

  • Physical, Emotional or Sexual abuse

  • Drug, Alcohol or Cigarette dependency

  • Detox

  • Voices in head / Tourette Syndrome

  • Children’s issues / Pets’ issues

  • Faster recovery after physical injury

  • Inter-dimensional interferences

Before a session
When you book your Holographic Kinetics session it may very well happen that you may start getting all sorts of persuasive thoughts on why not to do it, or you may even try to self-sabotage your attendance. This is very common and its sole purpose is to steer you away from dealing with your issues and clearing interferences.

What does a session look like?
A Holographic Kinetics session will last 2 hours and can address 3 to 5 different issues that are affecting you at present day.

You will lie fully conscious on a massage table while the HK Practitioner communicates with your Spirit using muscle testing (similar to kinesiology) and direct communication.

You will then be guided straight back to the cause of your issue for brief moments – so you can become aware of what happened, gain insight into why it happened, and release the trapped energy from this experience. This brings the issue back into balance, so that it no longer has an effect on your life today.

After a session you may experience some heightened sensations, intensified emotions or physical detox effects as your body goes through a process of integration of the changes. This usually lasts for about 48hrs. During this time it is recommended to rest and nurture your body with lots of water, good food and avoid drugs and alcohol.


  • It is a powerful tool if you struggle with underlying emotional or mental issues, or you’re feeling trapped in repeating patterns

  • One of the most powerful mind-body-spirit detox techniques

  • It assists you to heal your past from your present for your future

  • It takes you straight to the source of your issues and guides you to eliminate unacceptable patterns and behaviors

  • One session can address from 3 to 5 different issues

  • During a session you are fully conscious all the time

  • It can also clear any negative forces that may have been inhibiting one’s growth, success, health or happiness


Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics was developed by Steve Richards, an Aboriginal descendant, who as a child could remember many of the ancient teachings of his people and their understanding of universal laws.

He spent over 40 years of researching a wide variety of subjects – such as quantum physics, mathematics and geometry, metaphysics, kinesiology, body electronics, iridology, and many other sciences and health systems – to structure his native wisdom into a practical healing technique, called Holographic Kinetics.

Holographic Kinetics is based on the ancient Aboriginal knowledge of the universal laws of LORE together with the understanding that all things in nature are alive.

When a person goes through a difficult experience, often, rather than letting go off the thoughts and emotions they experienced at that time, they suppress them in their bodies.
The thoughts and emotions will spiral inwards forming a crystal that gets locked into the body. The crystal of trapped energy has a frequency and is alive.

As everything that is alive seeks to grow and survive – due to the law of attraction – this energy crystal will attract to its host similar situations as the initial one that created it. The person may therefore find themselves stuck in a negative cycle attracting similar unwanted experiences over and over again.

Due to trauma, reciprocal exchange of energy, drugs or alcohol, animal or human spirits or other forces can enter the body of a person. That person can take on trauma or manipulation that belongs to another, creating voices, compulsive disorders, multiple personalities, Tourette syndrome and others. All these areas can be accessed and cleared with Holographic Kinetics Therapy.

Aboriginal Australians say that we dream our reality into existence. That through our thoughts and emotions we capture free-flowing universal energy which spirals inwards into our bodies and sets into motion the manifestation of creation.

The energy that we hold onto has a frequency and contains information, and due to the law of attraction, where like attracts like, it will draw to itself energies of a similar frequency.

This causes a person to attract into their lives similar situations to the thoughts and emotions they held onto and often sets up repeating patterns.

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LORE is a knowledge of the Universal laws that govern creation and it is linked to the laws of cause and effect, action and reaction, expansion and contraction, internalization and externalization, the law of intention, the law of agreement and cycles of time.

Unlike the man-made laws that govern physical reality and society, these are the metaphysical principles that govern the spiritual, energetic and invisible world.
By understanding these laws a person can understand how they themselves set into motion the experiences they are having today.

If you enter a dimension of another through your free will, you are then governed by the laws of that dimension. As an equilibrium to that dimension, whatever is in that dimension may now enter your dimension and take over, for that is part of LORE to keep balance with all creation.

>> Visit the official Holographic Kinetics site to read more about LORE!

Indigenous cultures are fully aware of spirit and the significance it has in their lives. The mainstream approach fails to include this in any treatments. The importance of spirit needs to be recognized and accepted.

Whenever healing the spirit has been mentioned, it is often associated with spirituality, taking on a New Age or religious connotation. It is neither. Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics healing technique is what Aboriginal and other cultures world wide have been aware of for thousands of years.

Holographic Kinetics understands that all things in nature have a life force – known as a spirit. When life force has departed, we call it dead, but anything with a life force (spirit) is alive and can be communicated with.

Holographic Kinetics therapy accesses man’s spirit. Understanding the spirit is the key. The spirit is different from the soul and can be stuck in a cycle of trauma from its past. Just as the soul can be stuck in programs and beliefs of life experiences.     >> Read about Spirit’s Journey

Learn about the difference between Spirit and Soul!


Heal your Past
from your Present
for your Future


The change that occurs during the session happens so naturally that it almost goes unnoticed until you are faced with your “Symptoms” directly and you find yourself responding in the way you would prefer.

I can say with full conviction that Holographic Kinetics literally taps into your holographic blueprint and allows you to change in a way that the problem actually never existed in that new version of yourself.

Thank you for opening up a whole new world to me. I feel so free and centered. This technique is gold.

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Tristin, South Africa
It’s several months since my last session and since then I’ve lost six kilos in weight and 2 inches from my waist line. I’ve changed my diet a lot and it’s not been difficult.

The really big change is the ease with which I walk past the chocolate draw on board. I used to dip in every now and again, but I now find it easy to give it a miss.
Thank you for helping me tap into that source of power.

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Charley, Mediterranean Seafarer
When I met Anamarija in Palma my life was in tumult, I could not sleep, rest or be in my own skin.
Today I live with happiness and joy, taking responsibility of my life, feeling younger and wiser at the same time. The confusion that has hunted me for several years is gone. The issues I have worked with in my HK sessions are no longer a part of my thinking and behaviour.
I deeply recommend it.

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Lise Nyborg Pedersen, Italy
An immediate sense of relief, like an enormous weight had been lifted from my shoulders.
It has helped me to disengage and remove emotional attachment regarding issues in the past that where continuing to trouble me. I have experience moments of insight where something will trigger a memory or old habits and I suddenly realize that I no longer identify with these negative patterns anymore.

Anamarija is a fantastic practitioner; she is incredibly knowledgeable in this field with a complex understanding of many interconnected disciplines. She operates with a very professional and calming presence with a sincere approach to her clients.

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Katrina, Ireland
After experiencing HK with you, my life is now quieter and unpleasant memories no longer surface in my mind, I don’t think about them anymore, I’m very serene and I don’t get upset, I can control the anger and I’m very calm, I live my life in peace and I sleep very well.
Thank you very much for everything.

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Pedro, Lima - Peru
It’s a major breakthrough what the two of you did for me. I’ve been focused, determined and pretty much efficient for days now. Things get done. Things get organized. Items on lists get ticked off. And I feel great. Everything seems to fall into place. Big plans. No worries. Yes, I can … ;o)
~ a surrogate session with another HK Practitioner ~

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Berna, Germany
Since the session I am in a very balanced and peaceful mood. I am feeling very very special and I feel a deep trust and an unlimited power inside of myself that I have never felt before. My mind is quiet and I don’t experience any negative voices talking in my head anymore.

I am so impressed with what happened in the session! It was really the most powerful session that I have ever experienced.

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Juliane, Majorca, Spain
I know it works! I had a session with Anamarija in February 2016 and from the minute I left her house I never ever felt depressed again – after years, after years, after years. Totally gone. Anamarija I cannot thank you enough.

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