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Holographic Kinetics has been developed over 40 years of research and is based on ancient Aboriginal knowledge of the laws of LORE and the understanding that all things in nature are alive.

It transcends all other therapies. It is not Hypnosis. It looks at the body as a whole, accessing cellular memory passed down from generations, and the cause and effect of events.

Through our thoughts and emotions we capture a free flowing universal energy, which then spirals inward into our bodies and sets into motion the manifestation of creation.

The energy that we hold onto has a frequency and contains information. Due to the law of attraction, where like attracts like, it will draw to itself energies of similar frequencies.

Hence thoughts and emotions set up in the past and in present affect our future. These events, thoughts and emotions are trapped in the body today. They are affecting our lives and causing us to continue repeating the same patterns over and over again.

Holographic Kinetics assists people to go back in time to access the moment they first held onto thoughts and emotions that set in motion the unwanted experiences they are having today.

Holographic Kinetics therapy allows you to take your own fast and non-invasive journey back in time, by going straight to the causes of your issues, clearing them and regaining the power that you’ve lost through those traumatic experiences.

Holographic Kinetics facilitates an understanding that clearing and changing events in the past changes your future and gives you the freedom to eliminate unacceptable patterns and behaviours and choose much happier life.

Holographic Kinetics can also clear any negative forces or inter-dimensional interferences that may have been inhibiting one’s growth, success, health and happiness.

  • Relationship issues / Communication breakdowns

  • Limiting beliefs / Abundance issues

  • Stuck in Repeating Patterns

  • Low self-esteem / Body image issues

  • Eating Disorders / Menopausal issues

  • Emotional issues or disorders

  • Compulsive disorders

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Fear / Shame / Guilt

  • Stress / Anxiety / Depression

  • Chronic problems / Physical pain

  • Anger or Violence issues / Anguish / Trauma

  • Compulsive disorders / Mental health problems

  • Physical, Emotional or Sexual abuse

  • Drug, Alcohol or Cigarette dependency

  • Voices in head / Tourette Syndrom

  • Children’s issues / Pets’ issues

  • Faster recovery after physical injury

  • Inter-dimensional interferences

LORE is a knowledge of the universal laws that govern creation.
There are many laws such as the law of intention, the law of agreement or the law of cause and effect.
Unlike the man-made laws that govern physical reality and society, these are the metaphysical principles that govern the spiritual, energetic and invisible world.
By understanding these laws a person can understand how they themselves set into motion the experiences they are having today.
Did you know that each of your teeth is related
to a meridian which is related to various organs,
tissues and glands in your body?